Where’s my Treat?

Every day, I walk my shih tzu “Paisley” in the morning &  evening as part of her daily ritual. I like to think of it more for her than me since (1) it’s her restroom time outside of the house and (2) it’s a surefire way to get her a doggie treat. When we return from potty time, she stops at the front door, turns around politely and waits patiently for her doggie treats. It boggles my mind how she has become accustomed to this being the spot where she will receive her treats for being a
good dog and going outside.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the daily walks have become the walk of dread because I now have a sinus infection.  I have no desire to walk Paisley, let alone even move sideways in the bed to blink my eyes because it hurts so much. I do what I
can and slide out of bed with a sweatshirt over my pajamas because if I don’t, she will take it personally and let it out on my carpet and floors. How ironic that she taught me a valuable lesson about expectations while I could barely breathe.

When you are sick, you go on autopilot because everything seems to take so much more effort.   My goal with Paisley was to cut it to five minutes outside, rush her to go for five more (don’t judge me) and hurry up so I can get back in the bed. Because I’ve forgotten the deal, I jumped back in the bed after setting my pillow back up for maximum comfort and went back to resting. It took me 30 minutes to realize that Paisley was nowhere to be found.

I got out of bed, a bit delirious since I can’t remember if I locked her out accidentally and roam around to find her at the door. She’s sitting perfectly, quiet, and waiting expectantly on the rug for her treat. Ain’t that something? She didn’t move from her spot because she hadn’t gotten her treat yet. Instead of pouting, giving up, barking, or even lowering herself by going in the garbage to find her own treat, she simply waited patiently at the location she was used to receiving her reward for doing what she was supposed to do. I was sick, but I couldn’t help seeing a lesson that sometimes is easy to forget. How often do we start whining or plotting our own way of getting what we want when we get tired of waiting for our “treat?”

My ten pound dog reminded me of the need to be faithful in waiting on God’s promises, to continue to do my part, and not to move out of position while waiting for my blessing. She could have easily gone in the garbage, but that still wouldn’t have gotten her the treat she really wanted. According to Paisley, some things are worth waiting for. So says the Lord God as well. Stay in position and don’t get weary. The blessing or “treat” Paisley would say (if she could speak), is on the way.

6:9 Let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time, we will reap a blessing if we don’t give up.


One thought on “Where’s my Treat?

  1. Love it! This is a great example. If we could trust our Master like Paisley trusts hers. In spite of when it appeared you had disappeared and forgotten her, she had already had a track record with you so she had no need to doubt you would not come back and “bless” her. All in due season!

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