#30in30….wait what?

You ever agree to do something, set a new goal, and have all this incredible, exciting energy? Like, ooh, I’m going to join the gym and start drinking 8 glasses of water  and stop sugar cold turkey…….all in the same day? Yea, um, not going to happen. I’m pure proof that being totally committed to the IDEA is totally different from follow through. I’m trying to write more and agreed to this blog challenge for 30 posts in 30 days. So what happened?  Life. Human Behavior. Or just plain laziness. I started #30in30 writing challenge to improve my writing skills but really don’t know if anything’s changed. It’s only day 8, and I have 3 to catch up on, but I guess I need more clarity on what the outcome will be. (hear the excuses coming?) Pushing out 30 blog posts in a month is a lot of writing, but I need to focus to know WHY I am doing it. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I need to figure out what I WANT out of it. I do want to write better and I do want feedback on how to get there. But it won’t come if I don’t write it, so…………let’s just say this will be a quick number 6. I need help, prayer, Jesus, something. But I’ll get through it. Look! I just did number 6!!!! (I am a bona-fide mess.)  lol!!!!


3 thoughts on “#30in30….wait what?

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