#30in30….Shallow Gal

So, I got to thinking about a comment a guy made a while back when I asked him to pull up his pants when we went out. He said I was shallow because I wanted him to dress a certain way. I thought after a certain age (like 35), we all dressed a certain way so as not to seem like we still are sophomores in college trying to up our academic credit count from 30 to 45.  But I’m open, because he swiftly explained that I was not to judge him on his attire, but more of what came out of his mouth.  Fine, but in the same breath, he complained that the police were always profiling lack men unfairly. I know its true, but aren’t we all aware of the need to appear a certain way when it comes to police, on the job, and in large public places where Blacks are in the minority? It kind of bugged me because if I know anything as a Black woman, it’s Black America can’t have everything even if it’s a fair request. So, back to me being shallow. The same guy that told me he should be able to sag, asked me to wear my long hair (fake weave) the next time we went out. See….here’s the thing. When I gave him the side eye, he cleaned it up and  said, “I’m just kidding. I like your short hair but like your long hair too.”  Liar. Boy. Stop. I say the hair request was shallow. Obviously you know I’m a short-haired beauty but you prefer the fantasy to the reality. To me, that’s more shallow than asking you to dress appropriately in public so it doesn’t look like I’m out on a date with my little brother. Could these request be one in the same? Or not? Because one is indicative of maturity. The other just showed that I can rock Yaki half wig 4/30. What do you think? I’ve come a long way and will continue to love a man who takes care not to give reason to unfairly be profiled but hey, I could still be wayyyyyyy off with this one. Maybe I should just throw my weave in, and a thong to peek out above my low-cut skinny jeans, and work with his sag. Hmpf. I’ll pass.


5 thoughts on “#30in30….Shallow Gal

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m not going anywhere with a grown man who doesn’t respect himself enough to not look like a fool. How old was this man? And uh, please tell me you’re not going out on another date with him?

  2. Yeah, sagging is played out like an 8-track. He needs to get over & get on his grown man steez. I don’t feel your request was shallow, and his….ehhhh…tap danced on the border, but he didn’t cross the line (yet).

    Did you end up seeing him again, though? lol

    • When we first met, it was at a party and he was dressed to impress. We hung out maybe 2-3x before I couldn’t take it. I get men and their hair fetishes, but if your pants look like your parents bought them to give you room to grow into them, that’s too much for me. :) I ended it.

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