What I’ve Learned from Being A #GoalDigger #30in30

I joined the #GoalDiggers group not knowing what to expect. I’m a huge fan of Britni Danielle from reading Clutch Magazine so  I wanted  to see  the ideas behind the  group. I  haven’t been disappointed yet. The #GoalDiggers group has helped to get me back on track with my dreams, my goals, and my life.

I’m sharing  3 major lessons I’ve learned from being  Goal Digger, but know that there are so many more.

  • You will only be as successful as the people you surround yourself with. Each and every day, the #GoalDiggers group welcomes a new person who has a goal, a dream, and a focus. Instantly, there is encouragement, networking, and the ability to get resources and direction in a safe environment. This is the first group on Facebook I’ve joined  that inspires  me  to do more, to always use risk as my choice for success, and to just keep going. I’ve met so many women and men who are already accomplished and successful but willing to share their life lessons with the group. You cannot be around naysayers and move forward. Goal Diggers has opened my eyes to the power of positive people and support.
  • Your dream is just a sliver of what you can do. There are so many ways to live your dream and your plan  is just the beginning of opportunity. Within the group, there are many of us who are working our day job but burning the oil at night to build our own  brand and businesses.  I’ve seen women who are creating their own mentoring programs, raising children, creating new jobs, and traveling all at the same time. Nothing is too hard for God. I like to say our dreams make God laugh. I know I’ve limited myself in certain areas but #GoalDiggers makes it comfortable enough to say, I need help in doing this.  And thankfully, it’s a place where you get a response and blow your dream up even more.
  • Make sure you’re ready to work so make sure your dream is one worth working for. I’ve learned about the #30in30 writing challenge, the meetups, creating my website, tips for building brands, all in one place. But I’m responsible for the follow through. And many of us have crazy hot ideas, but sit on them until the time is right. I’ve learned that any thing is possible IF I am willing to work for it. And I have to make time for my passion until my passion makes time for me. There are many times I want to quit and think, this is hard. But, it keeps me up at night and I know there’s a purpose to it if it drives me to wipe my eyes and keep writing. Every single person who is a #GoalDigger has to sacrifice, get over their fears, and believe in themselves even when no one else does.   But we also know that while others may encourage us, ain’t nobody going to do it but me.

#GoalDiggers=strong, success minded people  who will and work for their dreams to come to fruition. I’m a goal digger. Watch out cuz this is just the beginning.


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