Good Black Men Still Exist

Whoever said good men don’t exist anymore don’t know what they’re talking about. For a while there, I doubted it myself. But  I was surprised by the random kindness by two men when my tire blew out over the weekend. Side-note. I was already frustrated because my hair stylist told me I was too late to get my hair done. It was 7:20AM!!!!!  UGH. Anyway, I’m driving away wondering should I have burnt her house down and trying to simultaneously eat my hotcakes and sausage, I hit a curb.  My hair is  an afro bushy mess, it’s not even 7:30am,  my tire’s busted and I can’t get home. Great.

I sighed, disgusted my day was starting  like this. And I’m in the hood so I not sure if I should be worried or chill. I knew I had AAA, so I just figured I’d call them and let them tow me home or whatever they do. But, an older man in a van passed by, saw me pouting in the car, and parked his car and walked over. Another man, driving his pick up  truck in the opposite direction, also turned around to make sure I was okay. Again, I’m in the hood, but it’s daylight so I rolled my window down to hear him out. He looked at my tire, asked me if I had a spare, and started changing it. I was a little suspicious, and kept my guard up just in case he expected something or wanted to make a lunge at me, but none of that happened. The other man,  stopped and asked if we were okay, and went on about his way. By the time AAA came, the spare had already been replaced and the rep just added air to the tire. I was surprised that anyone stopped  and was thankful for the help. I didn’t expect to have a feel good moment after getting rejected at the salon but it was nice to see two black men so willing to help me out. And a reminder  not to  feed into the bull that’s so prevalent on tv about Our men. Good men are still out there.  We just have to find them.


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