Sunday Sermon: Possess the Land

I’ve been thinking lately about the things we let pass us by. Things we really want, we are actually meant to have, but we settle because we are too afraid to trust God in the process of him providing his purpose in our blessing. I’m not regretting anything, but today’s Sunday sermon  reminded me of a few things about being trusting enough to just go for it. In Numbers 13:30 Caleb speaks and tells the people “we should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” They just viewed the land flowing with milk and honey, but started giving excuses why they couldn’t take it over. Ever seen an opportunity but talked yourself out of the blessing? Like “I’m not smart enough”, or “I don’t have the money now”. Or maybe “I don’t have the time to put into that project” which is tailor-made for you to begin creating your own work schedule.”  God always sees the bigger picture before we do. So when he tells us to go, do, and step out on faith, and we pout and insist on giving him excuses, we are judging his promises. I love how the Pastor put it today. He simply said, if we really have a relationship with God, we ought to act like we expect him to work on our behalf. We ought to continue to praise him even when we are unsure of what the outcome is. I raise my hand and admit guilt because  sometimes I forget  that God’s promises pertain to me especially when things aren’t  going like I expect them too. My finances still aren’t where I need to be especially after 6 months earlier in the year of freelancing (because of job loss)and having sporadic work. But the thing is, that time was simply a distraction from God’s promise to be Jehovah Jireh. This year more than ever has taught me to focus and not get distracted by what’s going on around me. The uncertainty, the loneliness, could easily take over and force me to start fending for myself. But God has given me clear direction. And it’s never been to give my opinion about his word or the direction he’s leading me.

Today, the instruction was to own the land. Not question God, not give my two cents  about it, and certainly not try to go behind His back and design my own “CandyLand” that looks like what I think is best.  In other words, stop looking at my abilities and assuming I can’t write as well as others, can’t create a healthy relationship again, and can’t overcome my own issues with self-doubt. God never asked me my thoughts about any of that. He really didn’t. What he did ask me to do what to stop looking my abilities but start looking at abilities of the God I worship. I’m not opposed to receiving God’s blessings in my life and I thank him that even when my perspective is off , he’s willing to correct my vision.  So,  I don’t see my obstacles as giants anymore, but more like the tiny grasshoppers that I can easily overcome by simply following God’s hand and move around them.


Good Intentions but Bad Results

My job requires almost 8 hours of  diversity training so we are sitting through sessions all month. First, we completed this cool assessment through Harvard  called Project Implicit study. Apparently, it takes data and tells you what your preferences, prejudices are ranging from sexual orientation to light skin vs dark skin preferences.  It’s funny because one of the questions asked if I was a parent. I said no, thinking that was the end of that round. But it then got deep on me and asked it I wanted to have kids. I figured I knew the direction this was going and silently smacked my lips saying yes. A blurb popped up on the screen flashing…”many times what people want and intend to do are two different things.” I blinked thinking is this machine trying to read me and clicked next.  Then, the computer asked again..”Are you planning and intend to have kids?” I said yes but was shook by the specificity of the question. What we want and what we are willing to do to get to the desired outcome are often two different things. With that, I’m at it again with another writing challenge for November called #BlogLikeCrazy.

Of course the last time I did a blog challenge  was for  #30in30. I think I did about, oh……25. So the first prompt for #bloglikecrazy is about intent. I’ll start by sharing things I intend to do in the month of November.  I intend to write each day with the hope of posting to my blog. This intent thing is serious now after doing the Havvvvaaarrrrdddd test and all, because it made me realize I don’t always follow through with my goals. See, in August I  wanted to start dating again and pitching to write articles to online mags. What happened? Nothing. I didn’t go out on a date, I didn’t meet anyone, and I didn’t pitch. I did everything but. Worked out, read, wrote, worked, ate, slept. But nothing towards the goals I set for myself. I finally figured it out. I am chicken*()*. You can fill in the blank or call it what you like, but the things I really want to do, I somehow find a way to avoid because I would hate to fail at them. Now there are some things that I have actually followed through on like creating a logo and working to create a new design for a blog, but they weren’t my primary goals.  I even got another singing gig after feeling like I crapped after losing my main gig with my former employer. My point is what we intend and what we want don’t always coincide because of fear, procrastination, and plain laziness. I’m over  all the cornfed excuses I can come up with. I’m holding me back and that’s a sad thing to admit.

So #bloglikecrazy is my time to  get started with a new part of my life-the one where I actively overcome the things that are holding me back. It won’t be easy, but  I’ve skated by long enough and since I know what I want, and believe I can have it, what am I waiting for? I changed the way I set my goals from “I want” to “I will.” I intend to be the best steward of the gifts God gave to me.  And also catch up with a handsome man for coffee soon as well as send of at least 2 pitches by the end of the month.

What I’ve Learned from Being A #GoalDigger #30in30

I joined the #GoalDiggers group not knowing what to expect. I’m a huge fan of Britni Danielle from reading Clutch Magazine so  I wanted  to see  the ideas behind the  group. I  haven’t been disappointed yet. The #GoalDiggers group has helped to get me back on track with my dreams, my goals, and my life.

I’m sharing  3 major lessons I’ve learned from being  Goal Digger, but know that there are so many more.

  • You will only be as successful as the people you surround yourself with. Each and every day, the #GoalDiggers group welcomes a new person who has a goal, a dream, and a focus. Instantly, there is encouragement, networking, and the ability to get resources and direction in a safe environment. This is the first group on Facebook I’ve joined  that inspires  me  to do more, to always use risk as my choice for success, and to just keep going. I’ve met so many women and men who are already accomplished and successful but willing to share their life lessons with the group. You cannot be around naysayers and move forward. Goal Diggers has opened my eyes to the power of positive people and support.
  • Your dream is just a sliver of what you can do. There are so many ways to live your dream and your plan  is just the beginning of opportunity. Within the group, there are many of us who are working our day job but burning the oil at night to build our own  brand and businesses.  I’ve seen women who are creating their own mentoring programs, raising children, creating new jobs, and traveling all at the same time. Nothing is too hard for God. I like to say our dreams make God laugh. I know I’ve limited myself in certain areas but #GoalDiggers makes it comfortable enough to say, I need help in doing this.  And thankfully, it’s a place where you get a response and blow your dream up even more.
  • Make sure you’re ready to work so make sure your dream is one worth working for. I’ve learned about the #30in30 writing challenge, the meetups, creating my website, tips for building brands, all in one place. But I’m responsible for the follow through. And many of us have crazy hot ideas, but sit on them until the time is right. I’ve learned that any thing is possible IF I am willing to work for it. And I have to make time for my passion until my passion makes time for me. There are many times I want to quit and think, this is hard. But, it keeps me up at night and I know there’s a purpose to it if it drives me to wipe my eyes and keep writing. Every single person who is a #GoalDigger has to sacrifice, get over their fears, and believe in themselves even when no one else does.   But we also know that while others may encourage us, ain’t nobody going to do it but me.

#GoalDiggers=strong, success minded people  who will and work for their dreams to come to fruition. I’m a goal digger. Watch out cuz this is just the beginning.